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Student LED Microscope

This Student LED Microscope is a fantastic value! It has all of the high quality features that you are looking for in a high-school microscope, at an affordable price. It's glass optics offer the standard magnification powers of 40x, 100x, and 400x for clear viewing of prepared microscope slides. Focusing is a breeze with both coarse and fine focus knobs allowing for minute adjustments in focus on the tiniest cellular details. The head rotates a full 360* allowing for easy sharing between multiple students. The long-lasting LED light source is cool enough to allow for viewing of live specimens, while allowing you to adjust the level of lighting with the ease of a dimmer switch. The sturdy metal frame will hold up for years of heavy use in your home school or classroom. We inspect every microscope and stand-by our products as the very best-quality for your educational needs. This is why our microscopes come with a lifetime-limited warranty!


M103 Specifications:
Viewing Head - Monocular Head, Inclined at 45*, 360* Rotatable
Eyepiece - Wide Field EWF 10X/18 eyepiece
Nosepiece - Outward Triple Nosepiece
Objectives - Achromatic Objective 4x, 10x, 40x(S)
Stage - Plain Stage With Paired Slide Clips, Size: 120x110mm (Mechanical Stage Optional)
Condenser - 0.65 Condenser With Disc Diaphragm
Focusing System - Separate Coarse and Fine Focusing Adjustment
Illumination - AC220V/110V, LED Lamp With Dimer Switch


Our Lifetime-Limited Warranty covers all manufacture defects in materials and workmanship (to be claimed within 90 days of purchase). It doesn't cover any accidental or normal wear and tear. We encourage all our customers, if any problems arise with any of our microscopes or other products to contact us no matter when or where they purchased, because we would like to make it right (especially if it is a defective product).