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Custom Laboratory Kits


At Home Educational Resources, we provide cost-effective, quality educational science kits for hands-on learning. As our company grows and develops science kits, we try to develop kits for the most popular curricula on the market to meet the needs of the many. We realize that by doing so, we may not be meeting the needs of all of our customers. We also realize that sometimes teachers, homeschooling parents, co-ops, schools, colleges, and/or other educational groups might have slightly different needs than a typical science classroom. By providing custom laboratory kit services, we offer a unique way to meet all of your individual educational needs. Custom Laboratory Kits are a great enhancement to your new or existing curriculum. They promote hands-on learning and are ideal for students working in and out of the classroom.


Convenient and Hassle-Free Service
We will work with you to design a kit that will support your curriculum needs, and we will ensure that all components are carefully assembled and organized for ease of use, stress-free identification of items, and easy distribution and storage. We have the capacity to create your custom kits at our warehouse and ship to your home, co-op, or school whenever you need them.


Through our network of suppliers, we will provide you with competitive pricing for all of the components in your custom kit. You will have control over how comprehensive you would like your kit to be, based upon your budget.


Quality Selection

Our wide-range of partnerships with some of the best names in the science education business allow us to provide products that have first-class quality and outstanding value.


Personalization & Advertisement

Since our custom kits are built to order, we can package any inserts, advertisements, or other items your students may need to receive with your kits. We also offer custom labeling specific to your organization on most inserts, item lists, and packaging to help you get your name out there.

To start customizing your own laboratory kits today, please contact us for more information at: