About Us

Home Educational Resources' focus is to equip parents, teachers, and students with materials for hands-on learning. We hope our resources help you build healthy values: a successful educational future for your children; great character in the lives of the people impacted; and a family-focused learning environment. It is our desire to bring you the best quality products at affordable prices. In the short time we have been parents, the one thing we have learned is there is never enough time in the day - to be a parent, spouse, teacher, etc... How do you find time to lesson plan, gather all the materials for the day, and clean up the mess after it's all over? We are here to help you in your educational journey! We have developed several different Curriculum-specific Science Kits as an aid for some of the widely-known curricula available on the educational market. We have also developed several stand-alone kits, complete with their own instruction guides if you prefer teaching without a curriculum or just want to supplement your current curriculum. This is our way of helping to make your educational experience easier at home! It's so easy all you have to do is: 1) Choose your preferred curriculum; 2) Get our corresponding Curriculum Science Kit(s); 3) Start teaching your student science!